Theatro Circo

  • Web Design


Theatro Circo celebrates this year its centenary and to mark this important date we were asked to redesign its website. The tone of the communication should be formal and elegant and the keywords were Vanguard, Modernity, Art and Entertainment.

This venue values the promotion of culture, public education and has an eclectic and diverse programming. Here, the main concert was to show the user this wide range of events, with direct links to more information ou direct purchase of tickets. This way, the overall experience was easier and more direct.
The website is divided into two usability flows. The first is dedicated to entertainment, faster and more intuitive, and the second is more institutional, covering the remaining sections. The main focus of this restructuring was the redesign of the whole graphic language, with usability improvements and mobile optimization.


Honorable Mention in Awwwards.
Work developed at Mezzolab Studio.